Until very recently I was Programme Organiser for Immunology Honours. The HPO is responsible for the organization, smooth-running and examination of the final year teaching for students taking Immunology as their Honours subject. I still take an active role in supporting the course, which is now run by Dr David Cavanagh.

Courses taught:
 Year 4: Immunobiology (course director and lecturer)

Core course for the Immunology Degree, runs in semester 1 from September to December. This course covers most aspects of the basic biology of the immune system. The course focuses on 5 main areas of immunology: 1. How the innate immune system (evolutionarily old) underlies and informs the adaptive immune system (lymphocytes). 2. How T cells develop and are selected in the thymus. 3. How the immune system decides when (and how) to respond (issues such as co-stimulation, self versus non-self discrimination and “danger”). 4. How the multiplicity of immune responses are generated and regulated. 5. How the immune system remembers it has encountered a microorganism already (memory). These represent fields of very active current research and in which big, important questions remain. The aim is for the students to gain a conceptual and working knowledge of the immune system that can be used as a framework for understanding more advanced and in-depth reading. The course is a mixture of lectures and problem-based learning with an emphasis on discussion of the controversial aspects of the subject.

Year 4: Experimental Immunology (course director and lecturer): 

This course is an adjunct to the Immunology Honours Project. It takes the form of lectures, demonstrations and discussion sessions on commonly used immunological techniques, such as ELISA, flow cytometry and cell sorting (FACS), in vivo adoptive transfer and gene targetting. This is augmented by the reading and discussion of papers illustrating the use of certain techniques (in particular, flow cytometry) and a session (in working groups) based around the solution of technical/experimental planning problems.

Year 4:  Immunology Project 

We offer 4 month lab projects for Immunology Honours students

Year 3:  Immunology 3 (lecturer)

A third year course that is compulsory for those students going on to take Immunology at Honours level. I give lectures on T cell activation, B cell activation and immune memory and practical classes on lymphoid tissue structure and flow cytometry.