some recent papers

Trüb, M., Barr, T. A., Morrison, V. L., Brown, S., Caserta, S., Rixon, J., et al. (2017). Heterogeneity of Phenotype and Function Reflects the Multistage Development of T Follicular Helper Cells. Frontiers in Immunology, 8, 489. 


Miles, K., Simpson, J., Brown, S., Cowan, G., Gray, D., & Gray, M. (2018). Immune Tolerance to Apoptotic Self Is Mediated Primarily by Regulatory B1a Cells. Frontiers in Immunology, 8 (Jan)


Here's a paper we published a couple of years ago that I'm very proud of and has important messages:

Slocombe, T., Brown, S., Miles, K., Gray, M., Barr, T. A., & Gray, D. (2013). Plasma Cell Homeostasis: The Effects of Chronic Antigen Stimulation and Inflammation. The Journal of Immunology, 191(6), 3128–3138.