2 new papers from the lab

 Two papers have just appeared in the latest issue of Journal of Immunology. 
1) Entitled "TLR-mediated loss of CD62L focuses B cell traffic to the spleen during Salmonella typhimurium infection."  was carried out by Vicky Morrison, PhD student in the lab. Vicky is currently writing up her PhD thesis.
2) Led by postdoc, Tom Barr this work defines two phases of B cell influence on T cell programming. The first, TLR-dependent and cytokine-driven supports Th polarization and the second, requiring Ag presentation, is crucial for the development of memory:  "Barr, TA., Sheila Brown, S., Mastroeni, P., and Gray, D. (2010). TLR and BCR signals to B cells differentially programme primary and memory Th1 responses to Salmonella enterica."
See the publications page for links to PDFs